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Green or Lawn: is the area of grass you play bowls on. 
Rink: is the bowling area on the lawn that you play within. 
Bank: is the area on the outer edge of the green, beyond the ditch.
Ditch: a ditch marks the ends of the rink. The ditch forms the boundary on all four sides of the Lawn. Tip: avoid the ditch.
Mat: you must stand on the mat when delivering the jack and bowls. The mat is placed with the front edge at least 2 meters from the ditch.
Jack or Kitty: the small white or yellow ball that the player wants to get close to.
Bowl: the round object you bowl down the rink. The bowl has a bias in its design.  Different bowls have different bias. The bias is what causes the bowl to curve or arch. One side of the bowl has a large circle the other side has a small circle. The bowl will arch or curve in the direction of the small circle.
End: each time you bowl a direction on the rink it is called an end. So down and back is called two ends. It is one way of determining length of game or match.
Captain: each team has a captain to lead them. In bowls the team captain always plays last and is usually the most experienced player.
Toucher: bowls that hit the jack are called touchers. They remain alive even if they are in the ditch.

Top tip! Dont get caught bowling against the bias. If your bowl ends up going in the wrong direction it is tradition that you owe your team and your competition a round at the bar. 

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